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The Vellum Bazaar

For the busy, the erudite, and the bibliophilic.

The Vellum Bazaar
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A reading group for the busy, the erudite, and the bibliophilic.

Welcome to the Vellum Bazaar!

Here you'll find a lively market, filled with table upon table of remarkable books: some old beyond your years, some new with the ink still fresh, others curious and odd and not-quite-ever-written. You'll find tables filled with blank books, sheafs of parchment waiting for the touch of your pen or your brush or your nib recently garnered from the pen-and-ink sellers up the row. And you'll find countless pubs and cafés, open to the sun, moon, and stars with myriad tea-sets and coffee-spoons and little aperitifs of quality and curiosity.

Browse the bazaar, let silver cross the palms of your book-benefactors, pull up a chair with the rest of us wandering souls...

and read.

Please read the general rules before entreating for admission.

Your moderators are fireriven and thewriteratwork.